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Terry Nealey

Representing the 16th District

As a lifelong Eastern Washington resident, I am familiar with the issues our local citizens face on a day-to-day basis. Quality of life for the people I serve is very important to me.

That means making sure people have jobs, providing a quality education for our children, keeping our tax rates low, ensuring fiscal responsibility with the state budget, allowing farmers to be productive without fighting excessive regulations, keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe, protecting our Snake River dams, and making good use of our local energy resources.

I have a strong family history of public service. I am honored to serve as your state representative. I am working together with my 16th District seatmates to ensure strong representation on your behalf in Olympia.

Your involvement is very important to our legislative process. Please contact me any time you have questions, comments, or ideas for legislation.

Rep. Terry Nealey
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