Rep. Terry Nealey statement on governor’s state of the state address

Following a joint session of the Washington House and Senate in which Gov. Chris Gregoire delivered the annual state of the state address, Rep. Terry Nealey, R-Dayton, issued the following statement:

“I like a lot of what the governor said. She’s finally stepped up to propose some real changes in state government. Unfortunately, it comes awfully late. If the Legislature would have reduced state spending a long time back, the state wouldn’t be in such deep trouble. But I’m pleased that she’s stepping up, taking a leadership role, and finally proposing the reductions we’ve needed to make for a long time in state government.

“We have to take bold steps because we are in a crisis situation in the budget. This is a good opportunity to make real reforms in state government. That means getting back to our basic priorities of state government and defining what it should and must be doing, such as funding education, providing for public safety, and protecting our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“I agree with the governor when she said today that government cannot do everything for the people. We need to use this time as an opportunity to reset state government so that it is lean and efficient, and still accomplishes basic priorities.”


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