Public hearing for Nealey nuclear energy bill cancelled

A public hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday on a bill that would explore further use of nuclear energy in Washington has been cancelled, Rep. Terry Nealey announced today.

Nealey, R-Dayton, is the prime sponsor of House Bill 1513 that would create a nine-member legislative task force to study the future potential use of nuclear energy in the state. The legislation also sets out goals of constructing at least one nuclear energy facility in Washington in the next nine years, three by 2030, and five by 2040.

The measure had been scheduled for a public hearing in the House Technology, Energy and Communications Committee, but over the weekend Nealey was notified the hearing was cancelled.

“Apparently, the committee chair wants to look at this issue much further in depth before opening it up for a public hearing. So while I’m disappointed that the public hearing has been cancelled, the chair has agreed to schedule it for a work session in the next few weeks,” said Nealey.

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