Rep. Terry Nealey votes ‘no’ on House supplemental operating budget

February 29 the House passed the supplemental operating budget, House Bill 2127. Rep. Terry Nealey, R-Dayton, voted ‘no’ on the proposal. This budget, drafted by the majority party, passed out of the House 53-45.

“I’m very concerned about the budget we have passed. It does not take a long-term approach or create a sustainable budget. Once again the Legislature is kicking the can down the road on education, public safety, and protection of our most vulnerable. House Republicans had a plan of action to address priorities and not increase costs on hardworking taxpayers. However, the majority party was not interested in adopting our ideas.

“The budget that passed yesterday does not demonstrate support for education as it delays more than $400 million in education and levy equalization payments. Essentially, it shifts debt into the next budget cycle. It may take many years to recoup the loss of funds. I do not support these gimmicks as a way to balance our budget, especially when it comes to education. Funding education should come first.

“It is further disappointing that the majority party has come to the conclusion that funding other areas, such as the Department of Ecology, is a higher priority than funding critical access hospitals and caring for our most vulnerable citizens. The cuts force large reductions in medical services for these hospitals, including Dayton General Hospital and Lourdes Medical Center, which provide some of the only 24-hour emergency care to individuals in our rural communities. Furthermore, it cuts resources for our developmentally disabled and seniors.

“This budget also cuts funding to cities and counties, forcing local governments to increase their taxes and fees.  This not good for the citizens of my district and I could not in good conscience vote yes and genuinely represent the people who elected me. Our citizens deserve more than a future of debt, doubt and despair. We must act responsibly on behalf of the people of Washington by taking a long-term approach to budgeting.”


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Washington State House Republican Communications